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Patio Ideas... A Patio Design, Building, Furniture & Decor Guide

Plan perfect Patios using smart design ideas and furniture. Patio Ideas to think about including pavers, brick designs, grills, swings, cushions and how to build it yourself

Patio Design... Steps to Patio Plans and Designs

How will you design your patio? Do you have many ideas? Learn what it takes to improve and build your patio design.

Patio Cover Designs...Covering the Designs

Need to cover your patio? Learn which patio cover designs are best for your situation.

Outdoor Patio Heaters...The Complete Guide

Outdoor patio heaters make patios practically weatherproof all year round. Here is how to extend the outdoor living season...

Patio Furniture Ideas... Teak, Cedar, Iron, Resin?

So many wonderful patio furniture ideas... Start here before furnishing your patio.

Patio Party Ideas... The Best Parties and Themes

Looking for great patio party ideas? Here are some fun and unique party themes.

Brick Patio Ideas... From Traditional to Truly Unique

With these brick patio ideas, it is no surprise that brick paves the way to patio paradise.

Stone Patio Ideas... From Flagstone to Slate

Try one of these stone patio ideas. Because stone patios are always a welcoming option.

Solid Concrete Patio Ideas... Not Just Slabs Anymore

So much you can do with concrete patio ideas these days. Concrete patios can be more desirable than you think!

Fantastic Patio Decorating Ideas... For Exceptional Patio Décor

Try these patio decorating ideas. Décor to give your patio a finished look and feel.

Propane Patio Heaters Guide

Propane patio heaters are very popular, but are they right for your needs? This patio heater guide provides the answer...

Electric Patio Heaters Guide

Aware of why electric patio heaters might be the best option for you? Use this guide to find out exactly why...

Commercial Patio Heaters Guide

Know everything about commercial patio heaters that you need to know before making a purchase? This simple guide can help...

Table Top Patio Heaters Guide

What should you know about table top patio heaters before making a purchase? This guide will help you find out...

Natural Gas Patio Heaters Guide

Are natural gas patio heaters the best option for heating your outdoor space? This guide will help you decide...

Infrared Patio Heaters Guide

Are infrared patio heaters at the top of your list? Use this easy guide to find out if this type of patio heater is actually the right choice...

Free Patio Design Ideas... Five Patio Ideas Consider

If you want a few free patio design ideas, take a look. One way to save a bundle on your patio...

Patio Materials...What's Your Patio Made Of?

What materials will you use to build your new patio? Check out our complete patio material guide before you make your choice.

Patio Tile... Tile Your Way to Fantastic Patios

Patio Tile... Want something different for your patio? Try Tile.

A Cheap Patio Idea... Without Looking Stingy

A cheap patio idea is easy, especially if you draw inspiration from all of the budget home decorating shows on TV these days.

Patio Flooring Ideas... Want Something Different?

It is hard to decide on patio flooring ideas. You can stick with tried and true patio flooring or choose an unusual patio floor.

A Patio Remodeling Idea to Consider...

A good patio remodeling idea can be hard to come by. But most of the time, remodeling your patio is a better option than starting from scratch.

Small Patio Ideas... Big Ideas, Small Patios

Coming up with small patio ideas really depends on the reason you want to create a small patio.

Do It Yourself Patio Ideas... Your Own Patio Projects

Want to put some do it yourself patio ideas into action? There are really great patio projects you can do on your own.

Low Cost Patio Ideas... Big Ideas, Little Cost

Choose fun and beautiful low cost patio ideas to build or improve your patio without spending a bundle.

Backyard Patios... Designing a Perfect Place to Spend Time

Building backyard patios... Perfect places to unwind on a summer night.

Brainstorming Backyard Patio Ideas... Five Ideas Start With

Need a few backyard patio ideas? These five patio ideas will be sure to please!

Patio Landscapes... Landscaping Your Way to Beautiful Patios

Designing patio landscapes... Beautiful patio landscapes take great planning.

Five Patio Privacy Ideas... Protect Your Patio Privacy

One of these patio privacy ideas will make your patio much more relaxing. After all, privacy for your patio is preferred.

More Patio Cover Ideas... Is Your Patio Covered?

Five patio cover ideas to make your patio more enjoyable year round.

Building a Patio Roof... Just a Few Easy Steps

Building a patio roof can be done easily with the right materials. Learn what to expect with patio roofing.

Enclosed Patio Ideas... No Reason Not to Enclose.

Beautiful and affordable enclosed patio ideas are becoming very popular as more people want outdoor living spaces. Extend your patio with one of these ideas.

A Patio Gazebo to Compliment any Patio or Landscape

Choosing the right patio gazebo can make the perfect retreat for you outdoor space. Learn about the options here.

Guide to Aluminum Patio Furniture... Pros and Cons

When furnishing your patio or deck, aluminum patio furniture has many benefits.

Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture...All You Need to Know.

Should you choose cast aluminum patio furniture? Probably...Here's why.

Wrought Iron Patio Furniture...All You Need to Know.

Should you choose wrought iron patio furniture? Here's a few things to think about.

Teak Wood Patio Furniture... A Touch of Class For Your Patio.

Want quality? Consider teak wood patio furniture for your patio. A very classy and durable option.

Wicker Patio Furniture... A Simple Guide To Wicker.

Wicker patio furniture provides a classic style. Is wicker furniture right for your patio? Find out with this simple guide.

Resin Wicker Patio Sets... Wicker for the Future.

Looking at resin wicker patio sets? Resin wicker sets are a great alternative to traditional wicker.

Patio Chair Cushions... The Key to Comfort and Style.

Have patio chairs? Then you need patio chair cushions! Patio cushions sure make relaxing easy.

Patio Furniture Covers... Protect Your Patio Furniture Investment.

Keep your patio furniture brand new by choosing the right patio furniture covers.

Patio Storage Boxes... A Place to Store Your Patio Stuff.

Finding the right patio storage boxes can be tough. What materials should you chose for your patio storage box?

Patio Chair Pads... Because Chair Padding Means Comfort!

Considered patio chair pads for your outdoor furniture? After all, if you have chairs on your patio, then patio chair pads are a must!

Planning Brick Patio Designs... What Pattern Will You Use?

Creating brick patio designs is an important part of planning patios. Find out what brick, patterns, and materials to use.

Brick Patio Installation... A Guide to Building a Brick Patio

Do it yourself brick patio installation. A few easy steps to installing your own brick patios.

Patio Bricks... Building a Stunning Patio Brick by Brick

Patio bricks... A perfect choice for building classic do it yourself patios.

Building Brick Patio Steps... Step by Step

Constructing brick patio steps is easy. Just follow a few simple guidelines and you'll have perfect patio steps.

Laying A Stone Patio... Easy Guide to Install Stone Patios

Laying a stone patio? Here's some pointers for trouble free stone patio installation.

Flagstone Patio... A Natural Design Choice

Flagstone patio design is a great option for your patio. What you need to know.

Concrete Patio Designs... Not Your Old Slab Patios Anymore.

Concrete patio designs are amazing these days. They are the future of patios. Make your concrete patio absolutely beautiful!

Resurface Patio Space... The Way To A Great New Patio

Resurfacing a patio? The options you have to resurface patio space are limitless.

Patio Lighting... How to Light up your Patios.

Patio lighting can really brighten your outdoor retreat. There are so many options when picking patio lights. Here's a few...

Patio Fountains... Easy Ambiance for your patio.

How to make patio fountains. There are several types, including solar powered. Most patio fountains are easy to build.

Patio Fire Pits... Heat Up Your Patio Parties

Heat things up with cool patio fire pits. What it takes to build a fire pit for your patio.

Patio Resources

Additional helpful resources for your patio project.