Small Patio Ideas... Bigger Not Always Better

Small patio ideas are a dime a dozen, but it helps to have in mind the reason why you are planning a small patio. Not much space to work with? Or maybe you’re just working with a small budget.

If you need small patio ideas because you literally only have a tiny bit of room to work with, let’s start here... Try making your patio seem bigger than it really is. Create an illusion of space.

While many patios include a covered roof, let’s shy away from that idea. By keeping the view of the sky open, the sense of spaciousness is already improved.

Small Patio Ideas Now consider the surroundings for your small patio ideas. Is your patio closed in with a fence or other vertical obstructions? If so, this can sometimes be used to your advantage. Perhaps you could paint a mural to invoke the feeling of being in a larger area. Kind of like using mirrors inside a home to make a room seem bigger.

Also, just as the old interior decorating wisdom goes, make the colors lighter. For example, if your patio is bordered by a dark brick wall, you could whitewash the brick to create a more airy feel. Lighter colors make a room, or a patio in this case, seem bigger than it really is.

On the other hand, if you’re considering small patio ideas more for budget reasons, don’t worry... You have plenty of options!

A small budget doesn’t have to mean a small patio. Consider using more affordable materials. For example, salvaged brick or stone can be used affordably to create very attractive patios.

Or use decorative pebble stone to form the floor of your patio. The pea sized rock surface is pleasing to the eyes and provides a nice relaxing surface to walk on. You just have to make sure and set up proper edging of some type to keep the rock in place.

Think about an all natural patio to save your budget. Plant grass for the main area of the patio and border it with other plantings. There’s no reason at all that a patio can’t be made from grass.

It’s more about defining the area than it is the materials used. Keep in mind the goal to create an outdoor retreat, regardless of how you choose to accomplish that task. Define your patio space.

No matter what your reasoning is, small patios are fun to build. They’re even more fun to use! So, have some fun with your small patio ideas.

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