Resurface Patio Spaces... Easier Than You Think!

Do you have an unsightly area in your yard, and you need some options to resurface patio space? If you are resurfacing a patio in your backyard there are a few options, but the simplest may be to lay patio stone overtop of the existing patio.

The most important step to resurface patio space is to properly prepare the existing patio area. It is important to power wash the slab area to remove any dirt or debris and bits of chipped up pavement. However be careful when you power wash the area, you may break up too much of the old slab.

Resurface a Patio Once the area is ready, you should wet the stones and the concrete to prevent too much water from the mortar from being absorbed by the stone or existing pad. Mix the mortar with water until it is the consistency of cake frosting. Then use a trowel to evenly spread the mortar on the stones, and remove any mortar from between them. Set the stone into the area and tap gently but firmly with a rubber mallet.

It is easiest to clean the mortar as you go from between the stones and from the top of them with some water and a sponge. However, there are chemicals that you can use to help you clean the stones if the mortar has dried when you are done. Add grout to the area between the stones and you are done with the resurface patio job. All you need to do now is to let the area dry and set properly and you will have a new patio space to enjoy.

There are a few other options for resurfacing patios. You may want to simply pour more concrete over an existing pad and have it stamped for a creative pattern. However if you do this be sure to apply an epoxy between the layers.

Another option would be to use an epoxy rock overlay which is denser and smoother and shiner than concrete. However it may not be a very safe option around a pool deck.

No matter how you choose to resurface patio space in your yard, replacing a chipped and worn space with a new area is very rewarding and will go a long way in sprucing up any outdoor space.

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