Resin Wicker Patio Sets... A Traditional Alternative

If you are thinking about wicker, take a good look at resin wicker patio sets. Combining the charm and style of traditional wicker patio furniture with the durability and strength of modern materials, resin wicker patio sets are becoming extremely popular for a good reason.

Resin wicker patio sets seriously look and feel just like original, old-fashioned wicker furniture. The difference is technology, really. Modern manufacturing techniques allow for a poly resin (basically, a strong plastic) to be molded and woven just like the wicker you’re familiar with.

Usually, this resin material is tightly woven around a traditional wood or metal frame to exacting standards. This provides for very comfortable seating. Just throw in a couple of patio cushions or pillows and you’re set!

Although it looks just like traditional wicker, the resin variety will last for years and years with practically no upkeep at all. This is because it is specifically designed to withstand harsh penetrating outdoor elements such as water and sun. Resin wicker patio sets will also stand up well to both cold and hot environments.

This type of wicker is available in many different color choices, but you’ll find it in the traditional whites and beiges most of the time. Have you ever had the paint on wicker furniture chip, peel or fade? Those days are gone forever with resin. Because the color is molded into the material itself, it will last as long as the furniture does. That means no scraping and painting every couple of years.

All in all, resin wicker patio sets are a fantastic alternative to traditional “wood” wicker. Unless it’s closely inspected, no one will be able to tell that it is resin. In other words, it has all of the pros of traditional wicker, with none of the hassles. You will not be disappointed!

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