5 Free Patio Design Ideas

Free Patio Design Idea #1: Use A Theme

Creating a patio based on a theme can be quite a bit of fun. Also, it’s more unique than the everyday patio you’ll get if you just buy the basic stuff at some home center.

Of course, first you’ll have to decide on a theme. Your patio theme can be literally anything you choose. Just be creative and think outside the box. Think of different themes that can incorporate the features wanted for the patio. For example, do you want to include water, a fireplace, or perhaps lots of tropical plants? Take the single most desirable feature and build the rest of patio around it.

Free Patio Design Idea #2: Brick Patterns

Free Patio Design Ideas Designing a patio using brick? After you decide on what type of brick or pavers to use, try and find the perfect pattern. There are the traditional brick patterns that you could use if desired, but consider doing something truly custom.

A starburst brick pattern is a really cool idea. While it might take more brick cutting than ordinary patterns, the end result is well worthwhile. You can customize your own pattern by drawing it to scale the best you can on graph paper. Accentuate the design with different shades of bricks or try working in some stone accent features.

Free Patio Design Idea #3: Search For It

Search your favorite search engine for “patio pavers” or “patio bricks.” Check out the examples provided by the companies that sell the materials. And sift through the sites of professional landscaping companies. They usually showcase their very best designs.

Try an image search on Google. You’ll be sure to find thousands of pictures and drawings of patio designs others have created. Be unique! Use the patio ideas to spark you own creativity.

Free Patio Design Idea #4: Design It Online

Use the free patio design tools online provided at www.hotspring.com. They provide some great templates to get you started. Oh, and if you weren’t already planning on it, you should include a spa in your patio design!

Free Patio Design Idea #5: Landscape Designer

Are you planning to buy all of the plants and shrubs needed for your patio anyway? Well have the landscape designer from the nursery or patio material supply place come by and share their ideas. They will probably draw out a detailed patio plan for you just for the asking, especially if you plan to purchase all of your supplies from them.

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