Wrought Iron Patio Furniture... A Complete Guide

Wrought Iron Patio Furniture is likely one of the most traditional and elegant elements you can add to your patio. Because wrought iron patio furniture is so classical, it easily blends with just about any style of patio, deck, garden, or landscaping. There are designs to fit every need.

Before we proceed, you should know that the term "wrought iron" actually means that the metal composing the furniture was heated and hammered into shape by a skilled craftsman. While this is still true for some of the high-end custom made furniture, most iron furniture you see is technically only "wrought iron style" because it is actually molded into form. To avoid further confusion, we'll just continue to refer to all iron furniture as wrought iron furniture.

Benefits of Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

1. Long Lasting - Will provide years and years of service if taken good care of.

2. Easy to Clean - Wash when necessary with soappy water and rinse. Simple enough?

3. Weather Resistant - Can withstand the elements.

4. Strong and Solid - Feels like the heavy metal it is. No bowing or flimsiness here.

5. Style and Design - Available with an abundance of different designs. Some is even hand-made, so every piece is slightly unique.

6. Comfortable - While some designs are rather upright, they are still very comfortable with or without cushions. Add cushions and pillows if desired.

7. Durable - Does this fit into one of the above categories? If not, here it is...Wrought iron patio furniture is very durable. And if something does break over the years, it can be repaired rather than needing to be replaced.

8. Heavy - Iron furniture is not going to blow away in heavy wind...That's for sure. Unless it is REALLY heavy wind!

9. Finishes - Available in many different colors and finishes.

10. Versatile - Can blend well with any landscape, patio, or deck design.

Comparing Wrought Iron Patio Furniture to Other Types of Patio Furniture

Wrought iron, along with wood and wicker outdoor furniture is very traditional. This is not always true for resin, plastic, or most types of aluminum frame or steel frame furniture. But even if you are not seeking the traditional look, iron furniture will still blend in well.

Most of the time, you will find the most unique designs with wrought iron compared with other types of furniture. It is often treated as sculpture or a work of art when hand-crafted. You really don't see any other furniture classified as an art form.

Durablitly is another plus for wrought iron. It's not going to break easily and will last a very long time. However, if you want the ultimate in durability, check out some cast aluminum patio furniture. It cannot ever rust, whereas iron will if the bare metal ever becomes exposed.

Quality and Pricing of Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Just like every other type of patio furniture, wrought iron has a broad range of prices and quality levels. The two generally follow each other proportionally, but not always. The more expensive stuff is likely hand made in the traditional way. If you are seeking patio art, this is the way to go.

Different levels of quality are also demonstrated in the metal's thickness. With thicker metal, you can expect it to last longer and stay sturdy. The Heavier the better.

Look for a powder-coat finish on your furniture. This is the most chip and scratch resistant finish available. It also protects very nicely against rust and corrosion. You shouldn't have much trouble finding this, it is more or less the standard these days.

Most wrought iron patio furniture is affordable, with table and chair sets starting as low as $200. But be prepared for some sticker shock when you see the very high-end sets.

Just find what suits you best, but defiantly try and find something that will last many, many years. If you make the right purchase and take care or your furniture over the years, you will probably never need to replace it.

Cleaning and Care for Wrought Iron Furniture

While wrought iron is very durable, a little bit of extra care can make all the difference. Occasionally, you'll want to wash it with a little bit of dishwashing detergent and water. Many people will take an extra step of protection by applying an automotive type spray wax once or twice a year.

Your furniture might come with specific care instructions and perhaps even some touchup paint. Scratches and chips do happen over time. This is no big deal if they are promptly treated. Most of the time, you will just need to take a medium sandpaper and carefully remove any rust and feather the edges of the damaged area. Then lightly apply matching touch up paint in several separate coats if necessary. If you cannot get the exact matching paint from the manufacturer, check out your local auto parts store. Any automotive touchup paint should work just fine and it's available in hundreds of different color shades.

When possible, cover your outdoor furniture and seriously consider indoor storage during the winter months if you have those where you live. (If you don't, consider yourself lucky!) Just a little bit of extra attention will add years to the life you're your outdoor furniture.

Accessories for Your Wrought Iron Patio Furniture Set

In addition to the basic set including a table and chairs, you might want to find some additional pieces. The great thing about wrought iron is that you can easily add individual accent tables, decorative planters, or any other thing you desire.

Even though they might not all come from the same place as each other, wrought iron is great to mix and match. They will all have different features but will visually tie into each other because of the shared material.

Does your set have an umbrella? If not, that is a very popular add on. You can find them in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors.

What about patio cushions? I do anything for that extra bit of comfort! But then again, your choice is yours and yours alone.

If you have decided on using the utmost of preventative care for your wrought iron patio furniture, please look into patio furniture covers. They really will help in the long run!

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