Five Patio Privacy Ideas For More Secluded Patios

Need a few patio privacy ideas to make your patio more comfortable and relaxing? Feel like your patio is on display to the whole world? If so, try one of these five patio privacy ideas...

A Beer Garden

Grow Hops for Patio Privacy If you have the right space, this privacy idea will work great. Build a wall out of chain link fencing or lattice wood work. You can purchase either of these materials very easily on a shoestring budget at your local home center. After one of these structures is in place, plant a fast growing vine or ivy and train it to grow and spread on the grid.

You could plant from the ground or if that is not an option, grow from flower pots or planters at the base of the structure. Want to be truly unique with this idea? If so, grow hops, a plant which is used in the beer brewing process. Then tell all your friends that your patio really is your own personal “beer garden!”

Patio Art Mural

If you are artistic, lead the search for patio privacy ideas towards an artistic option. Try painting a large mural. Paint a beach sunset or any other place that you would enjoy escaping to. As a canvas, use one of those basic patio or porch sun shades that are made of a mesh to let air flow through.

No artistic abilities? Hire a local college or high school student to do the mural for you. As long as you have a good way to hang the shade, you shouldn’t have any trouble with this patio privacy screen at all.

Traditional Patio Privacy Fence

Brick Patio Privacy Wall Try a good privacy fence. Either a nice traditional wood fence or a more modern vinyl privacy fence would work nicely. They can be custom built or purchased in pre assembled sections.

Really want something substantial? Build a thick wall out of brick, stone, or decorative concrete blocks. It might seem like a lot of work, but the fortress-like atmosphere created will be the ultimate patio privacy idea. Be sure to check and see if you need a building permit for any of these options...

Covering Your Privacy

It is possible to establish a feeling of privacy by building a patio cover. This might not be the exact type of privacy you seek, but patio covers do seem to make the whole space much more intimate. How about combining a patio cover with one of the other patio privacy ideas?

Soothing Sounds of Silence

Do you need a noise free retreat? Is noise pollution what you seek privacy from on your patio? Again, this is a different type of seclusion all together, but you could try masking out unwelcome noises and sounds by including a water feature on your patio. Nothing is more relaxing than the sound of a soft waterfall or bubbling fountain.

Seeking privacy is almost exactly the whole point of having a nice patio. Whether your patio is a quiet place to escape or a festive place to entertain, hopefully one of these patio privacy ideas will suit your unique needs perfectly!

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