Cheap Patio Idea... Easier Than You Think!

There couldn’t be a better time to fit right in with a great cheap patio idea. Think about all of the design on a budget shows that are on TV these days. With some creativity, a little hard work and some shopping around at garage sales and discount stores, cheap patio ideas are easy these days.

Let’s cover the basics for your cheap patio idea first. Do you already have some type of patio or are you starting from scratch? Perhaps you have a blank concrete slab that you can dress up with a concrete etching dye or finishing product available at your local home center.

Just use your imagination for cheap patio ideas Don’t already have a base to work with on your cheap patio idea? How about installing a brick or paver patio yourself? Often, you will find these materials on sale at your home center or a local brick supply outfit. Maybe they have extra patio material left over from someone else’s order. Or they might have some scratch and dent product in stock that would work great for your new budget patio.

Here’s another cool option for a cheap patio… Find a few natural stones that you can easily transport to your patio site. Space them out with large gaps between and set them evenly in the ground. Then, fill the area between the stones with topsoil and plant grass between.

This very organic style of landscaping is incredibly popular these days, even on the high end market. At a recent parade of homes tour, a multi-million dollar house used this exact technique for the driveway. It was a real show stopper for the visitors to that home.

Once your patio itself is complete, cheap patio decorating ideas are easy to come by. Again, garage and yard sales are your best friend in the search for unique pieces that will really stand out. Recently, I found a pair of vintage metal rockers for just $20. After a couple coats of spray paint, they look fantastic (and I cannot begin to tell you how comfortable they are)!

If you have trouble finding bargains like this, don’t be afraid to just pick up some of the basic plastic patio furniture at a discount store. It’s comfortable and not bad looking at all, especially considering the price. Try dressing it up a little with a multitude of cushions or chair pads you find on sale or even make yourself, if you are handy with that type of thing.

For privacy, if your patio needs it, get a large section of lattice or chain link fence material and put it up for a patio wall. Plant some vines or ivy on it and before long, you’ll have a natural patio wall of hearty and resilient greenery. Or just plant some shrubs instead. These can be found very cheap during the right seasons.

Once your cheap patio idea is complete, it’s easy to add ambiance while entertaining. Just take a couple of strands of string lights and whimsically place them around the patio and surrounding area. Light several candles and the atmosphere becomes stunning!

A cheap patio idea can actually be fun to put together. Just be crafty and creative and before long, it will all come together. The best part is all the money you will save and when it’s done, no one will even realize it was done on a shoestring budget!

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