Patio Storage Boxes... A Place to "Stuff Your Stuff"

Where to put all the stuff??!! Patio storage boxes, of course! If you have too much patio or deck stuff, you really should consider getting a big, roomy patio storage box... A place to "stuff your stuff."

Outdoor storage boxes range in all sizes and materials. Think of what might be the most practical storage situation for your needs. Ask yourself a few questions. Will you be storing patio cushions or patio covers? Do you want your storage box to double as a seat or bench?

Think of weather exposure, what you need to store, how much extra patio space you have, etc. etc…. Do you want wheels on it so it can be easily maneuvered? How watertight does it have to be? Should it be well ventilated?

Now, let’s outline some of the different types of patio storage chests, along with the pros and cons for each one.

Wood Patio Storage Boxes

A typical solid wood patio storage chest is constructed with cedar or teak (sometimes you’ll see fir too). Teak is often considered the premium outdoor furniture wood. However, the premium quality usually brings a premium price too.

Because of this, red cedar has become just about the most popular outdoor wood available, especially for wood patio storage boxes. Both woods are great for outdoor use and are both quite beautiful for this use. But, if you must have the best of the best, teak will usually be your choice.

If you’re thinking about getting a wood outdoor storage chest, you are probably making a wise choice. Usually, these things are built like tanks and will last a long time with a little care. Also, they are quite heavy and won’t blow across your patio every time the wind picks up.

Because wood storage boxes are heavy and rugged, you can use them as extra seating for your patio. In fact, many of the options you’ll see will have a specific design just for this. Some even include a built in cushion or padding.

Are good with wood? If so, you might consider building your own wood patio storage box. You could draw up your own plans or find pre-made detailed plans to work from.

Overall, teak or cedar patio storage boxes are a fantastic option if you want a stylish look along with traditional outdoor ruggedness.

Even so, there are a couple of drawbacks, such as the fact that wood is generally more expensive than some of the other types. Also, depending on the wood and the look you’re going for, sometimes the wood will need to be treated or refinished.

Resin or Plastic Patio Storage Boxes

Outdoor storage boxes can also be made of resin or plastic (pretty much the same thing, but the term resin will generally imply better quality in this case). These have many positives, depending on the quality.

If you were to get a very high quality resin storage chest, it will still probably be cheaper than any wood options. So price is defiantly a plus.

On top of being cost friendly, this type of storage box comes in practically any size imaginable. You can select from many colors, to match your patio’s décor. Styles can be found from classic and traditional to sleek and modern.

However, the low end stuff will often look it’s price and by unsightly. As long as it fits your taste...

Resin type storage will often outperform wood in way it seals. The lid will have a tight, precise fit and be very watertight. Do look for a piece that is internally braced or reinforced. It will be much more durable.

Resin is a long lasting, impact resistant, and maintenance free alternative to wood or other organic materials. You’ll find resin or plastic patio storage boxes to be a fantastic value overall.

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