Patio Decorating Ideas... Outdoor Décor Made Easy

Once you have a new patio and have added some furniture, you're ready to start entertaining, right? Not necessarily. After all, you wouldn't just toss a sofa and chair into your living room and say it was decorated, and for many people a patio is just an outdoor living room. You can choose one of these fun patio decorating ideas to give your patio a finished look and feel.

Visitors to your patio will notice your patio furniture first – and so will you. Choosing the right patio furniture can make or break your patio décor, so make sure you have the big picture in mind when you decide what patio chairs or tables to purchase. Consider an outdoor furniture theme that unites the individual elements of the yard and patio – from the colors of surrounding foliage or flowers to the material of the patio chairs themselves. Once these factors are weighed, the perfect chairs, patio furniture accessories, and décor will become even more apparent.

If you live near a body of water, why not use patio décor ideas that bring the sea into your garden? A nautical theme goes well with wooden furniture pieces, such as teak or cedar. Add a side table with a lighthouse base, a basket of seashells, and several pieces of unusually shaped driftwood. Lighthouse statues, a fisherman figurine, or a pelican carving are some other popular accessory choices.

If you have a colorful cottage garden, you may want to use patio decorating ideas that echo the untamed beauty of the garden. Cover your chair cushions with cabbage rose prints and add a few striped throw pillows. You can add a wicker side table, but why not opt for more whimsical patio decoration ideas, such as a glass topped table with a birdhouse base? Add accessories like dove statues, metal or wicker baskets filled with annual plants, and a sundial.

If you are looking for a tranquil place to relax, you may want to try patio decorating ideas that incorporate Asian elements. Remember to look for soothing greens and tans, but don't forget to add a dash of red, as well. One great way to add that bit of color is to place one large planter containing a graceful weeping Japanese maple in a prominent spot on the patio. Cover your furniture cushions with bamboo prints or choose solid fabrics in jewel tone colors.

Once you have created the backdrop for your Asian patio, it is time to add the accessories. Shop for a simple bamboo side table and a fountain that has graceful, simple lines. Any statuary you use on this patio should have an Asian influence. Good choices are a dragon, a pagoda, or a Buddha. For lighting, shop for a few wrought iron lanterns with very little ornamentation.

For people who are interested in turning their patios into a backyard paradise, a tropical theme may be a better option. For this patio decorating idea, you want to be sure you have plenty of plants. Look for lush tropical plants, such as palms, hibiscus, and jasmine vines. Re-pot your plants in bamboo containers or pots with bright mosaic designs. Next, cover your furniture cushions in bold tropical prints or bright solid colors. A carved pineapple or a whimsical pelican are great accessories for this theme. A mosaic side table and a jute rug help finish off the patio's décor.

Another perennial favorite that will go over well with practically any patio décor theme is using raised flower beds. They’re ideal to create a focal point, or even to establish a transitional area.

Once you decide on one of these patio decorating ideas, you can start shopping for all of those great accessories. Of course, you can end up with too many accessories, but if you do you can always use them to continue the patio's theme in your garden beds.

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