Heat Things Up... With Cool Patio Fire Pits

There is nothing better than patio fire pits on a summer evening. After a long day in the sunshine enjoying your yard and patio, what better way to unwind than in front of a blazing fire? Patio fire pits bring a warm, cozy feel right on to your patio without heading for the campground.

If you long for the warmth of a cozy fire in your backyard, you can create your own fire pit right in your backyard or patio with only a few simple steps. Building a fire pit is a very easy weekend project, so even people who do not have a lot of do-it-yourself experience can enjoy this project.

Before you do anything, you need to check with your local bylaw office about any regulations that your city or town may have regarding the use of fire pits. This is important to know because it may effect where you can position your pit. It is also very important to use common sense when you decide on the location for your pit. Place it away from fences, building structures, or anything flammable.

Fire pit blocks are sold specifically for use with fire, so unlike regular bricks or blocks they are resistant to cracking with the intense heat of the fire. You can find fire pit blocks in many different colors and styles to match your décor. And the blocks are typically sold in such a fashion that you can make a few different sizes of fire pits, so you can customize your pit.

Once you have chosen, your location and brick style dig out the ground about one foot deep. Clear the area of sod, grass or any debris. You may want to lay a base of coarse gravel on the ground to place the bricks on. This base will create a level area to place your bricks on, and the gravel will provide drainage. By digging down the hole, you will leave more area for ashes. When the ashes build up, simply dig them out and work them into your garden soil.

Arrange your patio fire pit blocks on top of each other, staggering the layers until you reach your desired height. It is a good idea to place a grate on top of your patio fire pit in order to contain any sparks or embers that may fly out while you are burning. That is it, a few simple steps and you will be able to enjoy patio fire pits right in your own backyard.

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