Concrete Patio Designs... Not Your Ordinary Slab

Stone Look Concrete Patio Design When you first hear of concrete patio designs, you may immediately think of hard, ugly and grey concrete, as you would find on the street. However, concrete patio designs could not be further from a cold hard street, in fact concrete has been made beautiful with new techniques.

Concrete is the perfect choice for a patio because it is likely the most durable choice that you can make for a patio. Concrete does not rot or erode like wood or stone might. In addition, the concrete will resist abrasion and cracking, unlike some bricks or patio pavers may.

Concrete is a low maintenance material that easy to clean and will resist staining. A clear sealant can be applied that will maintain the color of the concrete design and also allows for quick and easy clean up. A periodic cleaning is all that concrete needs to maintain it.

Gone are the days of the cold, hard grey look of concrete. With today’s new techniques, concrete can be made to look like any number of beautiful patterns. A variety of different colors and textures are available, and because concrete can be poured almost anywhere, you can choose from a variety of shapes. The possibilities are endless!

Concrete patio designs that have a little texture in them can be created a variety of different ways. A trowel can be used on a smooth surface to create swirls, and textures. Other ways to add texture are with a salt finish, swirling, or a heavy brush. Texture also has the added benefit of being slip resistant, which makes it a great choice around pools decks or anywhere that will experience wet weather such as rain and snow.

Some of the concrete patio designs that you can choose from are using a smooth finish, and softening it with sandblasting or even some acid etching. A combination of smooth finishes along with some softening effects can create a beautiful patio floor.

Other options are creating a custom look with exposed aggregate, scoring the concrete, staining, or shaking on any color that you can think of. One of the best ways to customize concrete is with imprinting. By using imprinting on concrete, you can create almost any look. Some of the popular choices are brick, tile, wood or even stone.

Concrete patio designs are wide and varied. Whatever your imagination can dream up, can be created with concrete patio designs. Using a variety of techniques and colors the perfect low maintenance, beautiful patio can be created for your yard.

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