Brick Patio Installation... A Ten Step Guide

Brick Patio Installation Brick patio installation can be an easy weekend project that will help you quickly and easily spruce up your yard and give you an enjoyable landscape. Many people think that brick patio installation has to be difficult, and while it is not a project for someone who is not prepared, with a little research and know how, you will be ready to install your own patio before you know it.

The first thing that you need to do is decide on the brick that want to use. There are many different colors, shapes and sizes available today, and a quick trip to your local hardware or home improvement store will allow you to check out your options.

It is also important to choose the design that you are looking for. Once you have picked out the blocks that you want to use, you can choose a design or pattern that works well with those blocks. Some of the popular patterns include herringbone, a simple staggered, circles, square within a square and solid colors with a border. Of course, there are many variations to each of these patterns, and depending on the bricks you choose will allow you to examine different pattern options.

After you have chosen the bricks and the pattern, now you should determine the size of your patio. This is best done after the first two steps because if you can choose a patio size that works will with the pattern and brick type that you have selected, you can possible avoid having to make many cuts in the brick which will simplify your installation.

Now you are ready to begin your brick patio installation. With a few simple steps, and some hard work, you will soon be enjoying your new space.

1. Excavate and prepare your space. Clear the soil to bare ground, and make the area as level as possible.

2. Install gravel in the area; choose a gravel type that has, large, medium, small and fine pieces, because this type of gravel will allow for better compacting.

3. Compact your base. You may want to rent a compacter to make this job easier. Be sure the base is level before continuing.

4. Place an inch of sand over the base and level with a screed board. Take the time at this stage to be sure your sand base is level.

5. Place your pavers down in the desired pattern. Butt up the bricks tightly to each other.

6. Use a paver edger to create a tight finish at the edge of your pattern. You can purchase these edgers where you purchase your bricks.

7. Compact the area with a vibrating compacter.

8. Fill the bricks with sand, sweeping sand into the cracks, and compact again. You may need to repeat this step a few times until there is an adequate amount of sand in the cracks.

9. Hose down the area and sweep off excess sand.

10. The next day you may want to apply a brick sealer to your patio. The sealer will make the bricks brighter and shiner. They will keep the color of the brick. In addition, a sealer will make clean up of any spills easier. However if you prefer a natural look, leaving the stones in their natural state is also an option.

After a few easy steps, your brick patio installation will be complete and you will be ready to enjoy your new living space. Brick patio installation can be done in any climate a beautiful brick patio looks wonderful in any setting.

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