The Ideal Patio Remodeling Idea

Luxury Patio Remodeling Idea Need a patio remodeling idea? With the outdoor living lifestyle as popular as it’s ever been, more and more are choosing to remodel their old patios into something truly spectacular. Here’s a few patio remodeling ideas that might work for you.

Patio Remodeling Idea One: Luxury Upgrade

Want to live the life of luxury? Make over your patio with the very best. It’ll add value to your lifestyle and to your property’s bottom line.

Try a luxurious bluestone patio with furnished with the finest teak tables and lounge chairs with the plushest of cushions. Get that new stainless steel gas grill and maybe a built in cooler too.

Then add your choice of natural gas fire pits or patio heaters so you can enjoy your patio in all types of weather. Don’t forget the water features and greenery makeover!

Patio Remodeling Idea Two: Make Your Patio Larger

Maybe your patio is just too darn small. Not enough room to entertain or not even enough space to relax? Yes, it’s time to add on to your patio.

If your current patio is in fairly good shape, there’s probably no need to tear the old patio up and start fresh. You can use what you already have and expand. Try remodeling your patio by adding another section, perhaps with another material. For example, you could build a wooden deck to start where your patio leaves off.

Patio Remodeling Renew the Foilage Patio Remodeling Idea Three: Renew the Foliage

One of the simplest yet most effective and affordable ways to remodel your patio space is to replace or add new plantings. Put up some fresh greenery in the form of shrubs, bushes or small trees.

Or, plant a wall of ivy to create a backdrop. Add plenty of seasonal blooming plants and you’ll find you’ve made a whole new peaceful garden from what used to just be a bland old concrete slab of patio. An easy patio remodeling success!

Patio Remodeling Idea Four: Go Low Maintenance

Have a high maintenance patio or deck? Spend more time relaxing on your patio and less time maintaining it! Tear off the old rotten deck. Be done with all the sealing, painting, and power washing. Is your stone patio crumbling or full of persistent weeds in the cracks? Demolish it and start fresh.

One great option for a practically zero maintenance patio is concrete. Simple and affordable, concrete can be formed and colored to look like any type of stone or brick surface you can imagine. Or try a different design all together.

This type of concrete work is becoming a standard feature on many new homes and remodel jobs. Just ask around for recommendations on professionals that specialize in these concrete treatments. Again, the best part? Practically no maintenance!

Patio Remodeling Idea Five: Go Four Seasons

Remodel your patio so you can enjoy it all year long. Now this can range from a simple project to a full out professional job depending on your local climate.

Live where it’s warm year-round? Lucky you... It’s easy to just add a heater or fire pit for those extra chilly nights. But if you’re in a cooler climate, maybe you can have your patio fully enclosed to create a patio or sun room. That way you can even enjoy your patio on a blustery grey cold day.

No matter what kind of patio remodeling idea you’re looking for, redoing that outdoor space to add more enjoyment to your life is worth every penny. Good luck with your patio remodeling project!

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